I hope this site will be helpful in your search for a quality child care facility. If you are interested in receiving further information and would like to come in to meet us and view the centre, please give us a call to set up a convenient time for your visit. We do welcome Parents that drop by without calling first, altough we do encourage you to book an appointment as we are then able to allot enough time to discuss your child care needs.


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Tykes of Columbus
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Parent Handbook

Licenced for ages Birth - 9 years. Monday  - Friday 6:30 am - 6:00 pm. Open all year, closing only on designated holidays.  Christmas & New Years we close at 2:00 pm.   

Upon registering your last weeks payment is due, this is a non-refundable if you cancel care.  The first weeks payment is due the first day your child attends Tykes.  All fees are due Monday morning for the current week, regardless whether your child attends of not.  We ask that you leave post-dated cheques dated for the Monday of each week. Please print your child's name on the front of the cheque as their surname may differ from the signature of the person signing the cheque.
Cheques may be dropped in the deposit box located in each building close to the entrance.  If paying with cash, please pay in the office and wait for a receipt.  One receipt will be issued at the end of February  for the total amount you have paid throughout the previous year for income tax purposes.

Please note:  If your child is not toilet trained once they reach preschool age, your fee will remain at Toddler pricing.

In the case of a cheque being returned from the bank tie. NSF, all fees including a service charge of $25.00 must be reimbursed as soon as possible.

With regards to part-time care, scheduled days can not change unless it is a permanent change and our minimum is 2 days per week.  We will try to accommodate your schedule, but it depends on availability in the classroom.  At times we do accommodate Parents that are on a rotating schedule at work, but again this depends on availability in the classes.

The late fee policy is $5.00 for every 15 minute interval after 6:00 pm. This is to be paid to the staff member on duty.

A Holding Fee of $200.00 is required if you are withdrawing your child for the summer months, this is not credited to your account in September.

Accounts that are two weeks in arrears may result in your child being withdrawn from “Tykes”.


We ask that Parents inform us of their approximate drop off and pick up times, so that we are able to schedule our staffs hours and keep within staff/child ratio.  We realize that at times due to inclement weather your times may vary.

If your child is not attending the centre for the day please advise us by 9:00 am.

If you arrive before we open at 7:00 am. please stay with your child until the centre opens, to ensure that staff have adequate time to attend to our “pre-opening procedures”

When arriving in the morning please escort your child to the cloak room and then directly to the class.  Always inform staff when arriving and departing.

Each class starts programming by 9:00 am., therefore we ask that your child arrive by 9:00 am. at the latest.  Occasionally you may have to bring your child in late because of  an appointment etc. if this is the case, to avoid disrupting the classes during nap time please do not drop your child off between 12:00 and 2:00 pm.

Please do not park in front of the entrance of our north building, by leaving this area clear parents are able to drive in and out easily and are not blocked in.  Also remember to turn off your cars so exhaust fumes do not enter the centre.

Your child will only be released to persons authorized on your enrollment form.  If someone other than an authorized person is to pick up your child you must notify us in advance and inform the person picking up that we will ask for photo identification before releasing your child to their care.  With regards to a custody dispute we will not refuse a known Parent of picking up their child unless we receive legal court documents stating otherwise.


Immunization records must be up to date before commencing at “Tykes”.  A copy is required by the Durham Health Dept.

Only prescription medications labeled  with child's name and dosage and in the original container from the pharmacy will be administered.  If possible ask your physician or pharmacist to split the dosage into 2 bottles so one  may be left at the day care to eliminate transporting medication back and forth.

Non-prescription medication must be accompanied by a physicians note stating the name of medication  and the dosage.  A medication form must be completed by parents when bringing in any medication and then given to a staff member, do not leave in the cloak room.

All medications must state expiry date and proper storage requirements.  Please place medications in a Ziploc bag with a medication spoon or syringe.

If your child is taking medication at home only, please inform staff and any possible side effects.

Do not send your child to school with any of the following:  Vomiting, Fever, Diarrhea, Head Lice, communicable disease or with a yellow/green discharge from their eyes.

If your child develops any of the above while at the centre, you will be required to pick him/her up immediately.  In case of a fever and we have proper medication and authorization for your child we will administer it when their fever is recorded at 38C or 101 F to relieve your child until you arrive.  Children must be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications before returning the day care.


We provide an A.M. & P.M. snack and a hot meal at lunch.  All meals are prepared on site by our cook who has her “Food Handlers Certificate”.  Menus are posted for the parents to view.

Due to some severe food allergies, we ask that you Do Not send in any food item or beverage with our child, unless it is due to a dietary restriction and if this is the case please complete the appropriate form.
The exception will be in the Infant Room, Parents will supply bottles with milk or formula for the day and if necessary baby food.   All bottles & jars must be labeled with your child's name.


The Day Nurseries Act states that each child over the age of 30 months spend two hours each day outdoors, weather permitting.  We have a lovely playground and  want to encourage fresh air and outdoor play, you will find that children are healthier and sleep better at night with some active outdoor play. If a child is too ill to participate in the outdoor program then they are too ill to be at the day care.  We have strollers to take the infants out for a walk,  we will need you to sign the  consent form as we will be off the property.

If you have a change in phone numbers where you can be reached during the day please remember to inform us so we can keep records up to date.

Our discharge policy is 2 weeks written notice.

Each year Tykes of Columbus is contacted by Durham College with regards to their E.C.E.  Students attending our centre to complete on of their placements.  Students participate in the programming and are graded by our qualified E.C.E. Staff.


A change of clothing i.e. underwear, socks, pants and a top in a Ziploc bag with your child's name on it.  Do not send in back packs, as they require a lot of storage room.  Indoor shoes or slippers should be sent that are easy for children to put on by themselves.  Our teachers will be very happy if you Label all outer clothing, boots etc. with your child's name so they do not have to try and remember or guess what belongs to each child.

Parents are responsible for supplying diapers and baby wipes also a small blanket for nap time, we will supply the sheet for their cot, (the exception is in the infant room where all bedding will be supplied by the day care).   If a stuffed animal or doll is part of your child's nap time, that may be included, preferably  one that can remain at the centre so you don't have to remember to take home each day.


Any food, beverages, candy or gum or toys, the exception is a stuffed animal or doll for nap time.