I hope this site will be helpful in your search for a quality child care facility. If you are interested in receiving further information and would like to come in to meet us and view the centre, please give us a call to set up a convenient time for your visit. We do welcome Parents that drop by without calling first, altough we do encourage you to book an appointment as we are then able to allot enough time to discuss your child care needs.


Peggy Vitek

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Tykes of Columbus
3250 Simcoe Street N.
Oshawa, ON. L1H 7K4
P: 905-655-7500
E: info@tykesofcolumbuschildcare.ca

We are writing this letter of reference for Tykes of Columbus Child Care Centre. Our daughter, Victoria has been enrolled at this facility since August 1999.

Tykes of Columbus provides a warm caring and nurturing environment, as well as, a safe and positive atmosphere. The most fundamental safety feature at this centre is constant adult supervision by well - trained and experienced staff. Safety standards are also evident in the nutritious meals and healthy snacks prepared throughout the day: the centre's menu is posted for a two week period.

In a day care centre, cleanliness is next to healthiness. The staff at Tykes are very scrupulous about washing their own and the children's hands, maintaining regular washroom and potty training routines keeping the eating, sleeping and washroom areas in immaculate condition.

Tykes of Columbus offers a unique program devoted to proving high quality daycare. Each day is filled with a rich variety of creative and stimulating activities structured on weekly themes. Children are constantly engaged in various experiences including free play, circle, crafts, story time, songs music, outdoor and cognitive play that challenge each child to stretch their skills and develop freely at their own pace.

There is never any concern about how happy the children are during the day. For example, our 4 year old daughter anticipates her daily arrival quite anxiously. Upon pickup, she is always busy and content and is certainly in no hurry to leave her friends or her teachers. Tykes of Columbus definitely creates an exciting and happy daycare experience by stressing the importance of positive reinforcement and consistent encouragement for ALL children.

My Husband and I have been very impressed with the incredible care that Victoria has received at Tykes of Columbus over the past two years and look forward to many more fun filled exciting months in the future. It is truly a difficult to hand your child over to someone else. However, Peggy Vitek and her caring staff are certainly dedicated to facilitating a smooth, worry-free transition. We consider this centre like a home away from home, just more enticing for a child. Focusing on the friends your child will make and the fun he/she will have will most definitely put your mind at ease and make you feel better about the wonderful experience that Tykes of Columbus Child Care Centre has to offer.

If you are looking for a top-notch daycare devoted to your child's needs, you need not to look any further. Both myself and my husband would highly recommend this GREAT child care facility as an integral part of any child's preschool years.


Michelle and Dennis Wight
Oshawa, Ontario
August 2nd, 2001

I am writing this letter to give reference to Tykes of Columbus Child Care Centre. My two daughters, Rebecca and Hannah, have attended Tykes from October 1999 through to July 2000. They were only three and a half years old and eighteen months when they started there. Both my husband and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of care and programming they have received.

When first visiting the centre with the children, my husband commented that it was a calm and polite environment. We found this to be true during their times at Tykes. It is obvious when speaking to the teachers and when entering the centre that there is an atmosphere of respect. The teachers obvious respect each other and the children. The children in turn, learn to respect the teachers and each other. Our daughters have always been happy to arrive in the morning and are in great moods when picked up in the evenings. It is a very caring and supporting environment for all.

When seeking child care, we looked for a place where both our children's needs would be met based on their abilities and ages. This has happened at Tykes. Both our daughters have flourished in abilities and self confidence. A wide variety of activities and toys which meet the ages of the children in the program. My daughters complete craft activities daily and have learned many songs and games based on unit themes. Each and every time I have entered the centre, the children are all actively engaged in activities, on their own, in small groups, or teacher directed. It is obvious that this is a busy but calm daycare centre.

Tykes of Columbus Child Care Centre is a very professional daycare. Peggy Vitek and her staff are very dedicated to providing quality care for young children. I have no hesitation recommending Tykes of Columbus to other parents as a safe and fun environment for their children.


Heather Lariviere

Dear Peggy

We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your excellent day care and what it has done for us and our son, Griffin.

When Griffin started at Tykes at the age of 15 months we were typically nervous but our fears were soon dispelled by the competency and professionalism your staff displayed. Over the next three and a half years (was it really that long?) Tykes continued to provide Griffin with a consistently high standard of care. We were particularly impressed with the level of personal attention given to both the children and the parents, something I must admit we did not fully appreciate until Griffin recently entered the overcrowded bureaucratic public school system.

We would particularly like to commend the work of Miss Bell, Miss Kelly and in Griffin's early days Miss Laura. Their level of dedication is outstanding. You have a truly valuable asset in these women. Griffin misses both of his friends and his teachers. Griffin's Tykes experience has helped provide him with the social and academic skills to cope with the switch to the public system. We were pleased to find that Griffin is academically well advanced for his age in comparison to his public school classmates.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Tykes when our daycare situation looked dark and we truly wish we could keep him with you longer. We cannot recommend Tykes of Columbus highly enough to any parent looking for a safe and caring alternative to home.

Many Thanks,

Sincerely Brad Gossen & Merville Spalburg

To the staff at Tykes of Columbus

Hilary and Gillian started at Tykes in September of 2000, until today, Hilary's Graduation Day! Thank you to all of their teachers, past and present who have read with them, sang with them, played with them and laughed with them Please continue to nurture the children in your care as you have our children.

Gayle Ebbesen & Michael Whorms

Dear Peggy and all the wonderful staff at Tykes,

We can't believe it's been 6 years since we first set foot at your centre! Although this is definitely not good-bye, we wish to sincerely THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the care and genuine love you have shown Sofia and Lucas. You have become part of their formative years and all the special moments and milestones they shared and achieved with you will remain in our hearts. Thank you ladies, we love you.


Don and Bebsy Gonsalves

Ms. Peggy,

Thank you for taking care of Leif over the past months. The girls in the infant rom are truly exceptional.

Best regards,

Jason and Erin Bellinger & Leif

To all the Staff at Tykes,

Rob and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great care you have provided for Zach over the past 6 years. I can't believe the time has come for him to move on but he is prepared due to all of your hard work and teaching.

You guys are the best!!

Anne and Rob Lebovic

Peggy, Miss Bell, Miss Kelly and all the Tykes Teachers,

Tomasz and I would like to Thank you All immensely for everything you have done for us over the past 5 years. Tykes has been Tomasz's extended family almost all his life and we will both miss everyone. We've had some rough spots in our family and Tykes has always been there for us - We have been so lucky to have such a wonderful daycare and such caring and loving teachers and terrific friends. We will never forget you.

Thank you so much. We will miss you all!


Tomasz and Jennifer Simeunovic

Ms. Bell & Ms. Peggy,

Thank you so much for being so accommodating with our schedule for Ryley & Hudson. Ryley has enjoyed her time at Tykes so much over the past 2 years. We really appreciate all of the work the girls put in and what a family atmosphere you've created at Tykes. We're so pleased Hudson and the new baby will be joining you again in 2012.


Ryley, Hudson, Shanna & Eric.